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Rattan garden furnture can be beautiful pieces and they instantly make your outdoor home look classy. But they can also be expensive since all rattan furniture are woven and constructed by hand and rattan is cultivated and imported from only a few places. Rattan garden furnture can be woven and sculpted into any shape, so if you try you can find some interesting pieces of furniture art. There are also some classic rattan weaves that have been around the seventies.

A Thick Layer of Varnish is Your Friend
Rattan is generally resilient but it will give in to water damage. This is why it is best to buy rattan that is varnished or protected by a few coats of paint. Rattan does very well in white but for a more natural look, wood varnish is the more popular option. You can also re-coat your rattan every few years to keep the color fresh and add extra protection to your furniture. No need to scrape off or dissolve the old layers of paint when repainting, just add on an additional coat with one part paint and paint thinner. The weave details of rattan get lost of applied with thicker coats of paint. Read more about wooden garden benches.

Rattan Furniture as Focal Piece
A rattan piece can easily take the focal point of your garden, and it does not need to be a great big piece to grab attention. On the other extreme of the spectrum, you can also downplay rattan to blend into the background depending on how you position your outdoor furniture. Rattan does well with fabric furnishings like pillows and table cloths. But will look out of place with modern furniture with hard edges. Rattan will also get lost in a mix of too many colors, unless you are going for a hippie garden.

Comfortable Rattan
There are some rattan pieces that are woven to mold the posterior, but many others do not. To make rattan more comfortable, consider adding some foam padding. Many rattan couches come with their own foam pillows and cover but you can custom make additional covers to your own liking. Rattan does best with light neutral colors like beige, white, and pastels. Other popular cover are large print florals, usually roses. Rattan should be comfortable, and is usually considered more feminine furniture that reflects the natural surroundings of a flower garden. When paired with darker covers, rattan looks more formal.

Preserve Rattan Forever
Since rattan is organic, they will eventually rot if exposed to moisture and sunlight. Moisture will seep into the wood and weaken its structure. Pests like termites will love to live in your furniture as well. To preserve your rattan, keep them outdoors in shaded place, no direct sunlight. Keep your outdoor furniture indoors during the wet months. For the occasional light rain shower, you can cover your furniture with plastic or canvas. You can do the same if your area gets very foggy or humid. If your rattan garden furnture gets moist and grows mildew, dry them under direct sunlight for a few hours.